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 The management organization of Peregrine is oriented toward designing, manufacturing, testing of products, construction, installation, retrofitting, refurbishment, repair and services for our customers in military, governmental and commercial activities both domestic and international. 

The management organization encourages an atmosphere which stresses individual creative project management and an optimum application of  individual skills to project implementation.  Peregrine personnel are skilled in project management concepts involving engineering and drafting, maintenance, air operations, hardware and/or software specialties, consulting, fabrication and support services. When such a high degree of management skill is supplied to a program, it results in minimum downtime, nominal period for design, and an expeditious completion of the program.

To insure its success and to validate the commitment of Peregrine to successful completion of a program, Peregrine uses a program management organization staffed with proven, experienced personnel. Program management at Peregrine encompasses realistic, foresighted and prompt management planning systems and information flow to allow an equally prompt corrective input to any potential problem area. Peregrine policy calls for the program manager to guide the technical and support effort in a manner that brings together the proper ingredients of skills, equipment and materials at the right time and place at optimum cost. 

Peregrine resources are organized to fit the required effort along a product/task work breakdown structured management form with prompt and exact intraprogram data flow. Continual emphasis is placed on assuring that each person knows their assignment, schedule and budget (for managers) and have the necessary authority to execute these responsibilities.

The program management organization places sole responsibility on a single individual with guidance from corporate management. This individual is responsible both to the customer for a system which meets all technical, cost and schedule requirements and to company management for managing and controlling the project in a manner consistent with all company internal requirements. The program manager is the designated Peregrine focal point for customer interface. All work tasks, personnel assignments, budgeting, and scheduling are directed by the program manager.